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Networking & Security

QUEENZ designs networks custom-tailored to your current and future business forecasts and technology plans.

Network Design and Security We ensure that your network architecture meets your enterprise needs and that it will scale appropriately. We're also highly skilled in design against managed-cost considerations.

Our services include:


LAN requirements, including Layer 2 LAN connectivity, data segregation (VLAN), port density, Layer 3 inter-VLAN routing, bandwidth, manageability, scalability, quality of service, resiliency, and inline power.

⇒ WAN requirements, including WAN topology & protocol, scalability, bandwidth, quality of service, redundancy, manageability, dynamic routing, and Internet peering.


Border security (firewall), content filtering, email & spam filtering, host intrusion detection, intra-organization security, remote access VPNs, network intrusion detection.


Existing Network hardware, current addressing scheme, applications, current performance review.

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