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Document Management

QUEENZ's document management solution will improve how you process your information.

Document Management Systems DMS provides centralized, secure and version controlled storage of documents. Organizations are increasingly adopting DMS to manage their documents and streamline the creation and flow of documents.

Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, and other files directly into the DMS. Eliminate wasted time searching for paper and replacing lost documents. Access your information the moment you need it, wherever you need it—and manage it all from the convenience of a Web browser.

QUEENZ's document management solution enables you to create exactly the system you need.

  • Bring files into your system by scanning paper documents, importing electronic documents or converting electronic documents into unalterable images.
  • Expand your document management solution with Web Q-Access and optical media publishing.
  • Add Web publishing to enable public access to your document repository.
  • Integrate document management into your existing IT environment.

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